Mac’s Movie Night Must Haves

movie night TGIF!! Time to relax and give yourself some TLC. So whether you’re planning a get together with friends, a family night in or you just want some me time here’s some of my must haves for the perfect movie night.

Food & drink

Popcorn is nearly a must have for any movie night in – if it’s microwavable or packets make sure there’s enough for everyone to enjoy for the entire night because you don’t want to run out half way through the film. Drink is equally important and it’ll also help the food last longer.


A selection of movies

Your all-time favourite movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea so try cater to everybody’s taste in order to avoid any arguments over which one to watch. Select a few of your best movies from a range of genres – RomCom, horror, comedy, fantasy, action, etc. Perhaps even choosing a theme such as cheesy movies, old/black and white or sequels would create an atmosphere of excitement. You could also simply pick a few favourite actors/actresses amongst the group and watch them for the night.


Be prepared

If you’ve chosen to watch romantic movies then get out the box of tissues! You may also need them depending on how funny you find that comedy you’ve thrown on.
Obviously blankets, cushions or pillows are a must when watching horrors so do remember them because let’s face it no matter how much you’re into your fright fests I bet you still need to cover your eyes from time to time.

movie-horror movies-crying


Choose the right people to have a movie night with. You don’t want the noisiest person alive there otherwise you won’t know what’s happening in the movie. Avoiding major food hoggers is also advisable, there’s nothing worse than putting your hand into the bowl of popcorn or M&M’s and coming out with the crumbs. You need to be with someone who will enjoy the film with you, unless you’ve purposely chosen movies to mock, and not slag off your main man Channing Tatum.

movie-food hogger

Limit Distractions

Ensure all phones are out of reach and are at least on silent because the only screen you’ll be needing is the TV screen! If you have pets you may also want to make sure they are looked after before you begin by feeding them or letting them outside so you can then eliminate that distraction.



The darkness is one of my main must haves for movie night. I love watching movies in the dark as it makes you focus in on what exactly you’re watching. I think you’re definitely less likely to get distracted by whatever’s around you but do set up the right brightness/darkness before you start by pulling down the blinds or curtains and dimming the lights to your liking.

movie-get comfy

Get comfy

Change into your pyjamas, pull on your fluffy socks and grab a face mask (if you want). Then sit down and relax with a nice cool drink in the Summer and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate in the Winter time. To take your comfiness to another level drag a duvet, pillow or blanket up and do what you can’t do in the cinema – stretch out, lie on your side, whatever you want.

 movies magmovie-face mask

Now kick back, relax and enjoy movie night! I know I will 🙂

What are your movie night must haves? Comment bellow please.

Mac x


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