#1 – #5 Why Girls Like Bad Boys

good and bad

The thought of having a guy with a bad boy image and attitude has always been a popular one. Of course most girls out there want a pure nice guy who will treat her right but somehow when it comes down to it we seem to be misled by how ‘adventurous’ it can be to go out with someone who has drama following him 24/7. Naturally nobody wants to be bored in a relationship but I’m sure a lot of girls regret getting with a ‘dangerous’ or mysterious man once they realise what exactly a bad boy is and does for fun. Only then does she want to turn back time and choose the kind and friendly guy she may have turned down merely a week ago.

So why exactly is the strong sense of excitement, mystery and drama surrounding bad boys so attractive?

#1 The Unknown

The uncertainty attached to a bad boy is highly appealing to some women as they never know what could happen on a daily basis. In a way this sets her free for a short period of time as she can rebel against her better nature. A bad boy not only gives the woman a chance to experiment, he allows her to throw away that ‘perfect guy’ checklist and eliminate the thought of missing out on life’s adventures the way she would with a nice guy.

#2 Confidence

They have confidence in their power to lure women, know how females work, but more importantly they know what they want. Women like guys who are confident and strong in everything they do because she can be proud to have him by her side (this goes for both nice guys and your typical bad boy by the way! Confidence is key!)

#3 The Look

The bad boy look goes hand in hand with his odour of confidence as without one he doesn’t necessarily have the other. A Woman will often go after a man who looks and acts confident enough to make her feel like the desired woman she is because let’s face it ladies we don’t like a guy with zilch confidence and is too soft for his own good, go on admit it you know it’s true!

#4 Jealousy

Now this is one that may not apply to everyone but remember when you were younger and you had the latest toy or gadget and all of your friends wanted the exact same one as you? Deep down you were pleased with their jealousy and this is kind of like that except this time you have the guy who has it all – the looks, confidence, strut, sex appeal and more. Every woman wants a guy to be desired even if he’s not entirely the right guy for her…but everyone loves a bit of jealousy now and again, right?

#5 Fun and Drama

Without even realising it some girls thrive on the drama that comes with a bad boy. The adrenaline rush that ties in with the excitement he brings can be immense which only makes her come back for more. Women also love the potential power that comes with taming the ‘wild beast’ and that won’t come as a surprise to anyone because every girl will try and change a bad boy for the better at least once in her life, I know I have. There is no feeling like breaking down the hard exterior of a bad boy because she sees it as a challenge and when she cracks it she will feel like she has mastered the impossible.

feelings on and off

My opinion on bad boys is that while they’re often fun and exciting they’re definitely not in it for the long haul. Women who have been hurt in past relationships regularly seek out bad boys in the hope to avoid having their hearts broken yet again. The guy with very little interest in a DMC is ideal in this situation as he’ll make it impossible for her to get attached and he simply won’t have it in him to get close to her.
Women may need a break from the guys they usually go for and that’s where the bad boy comes in as he helps her let off steam. If the bad boy routine isn’t for you then perhaps you’ll decide to find yourself a more modern and down to earth guy that will not only treat you well but will provide you with the sense of adventure you long for. Nice guys can do both you know?! However, we ladies will continue to venture off and find ourselves an unworthy bad guy in the hope that we’ll be the one to crack him, it’ll never end.



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