My Top 5 Criers

Recognise any of these people? Well you should because we all have at least one crier amongst our family and friends…if not more!

The one who cries at events
Special occasions always seem to get people going no matter how hard we try to fight it. Whether it be weddings, birthdays or graduations, to name a few, there’s simply no stopping those tears from falling. You never know who could be hit by the Niagara tears – the father/mother of the couple, bridesmaids, family sitting in the pew, it really could be anyone.


The baby crier
This person adores babies! I guarantee you that he/she will gush over the cuteness, the smell, the baby fingers, you name it he/she will probably cry over it! Now while it goes without saying that babies are adorable and irresistible, crying over them is something I can never get my head around but hey each to their own!


The Furry Crier
Be warned! When it comes to how cute animals are this person can break down at any moment and you may want to stay clear because it’s going to get messy! We will do anything for our pets but the furry crier doesn’t necessarily have to know the animal in order to react to it. Ever been casually walking down the street with a friend when suddenly she’s gone because there was a gorgeous dog across the road that she just HAD to say hello to? I know how you feel!

cat cry

Jack’s #1 fan
Now and again I’ll come across films that truly get to me, which is rare. If you’re going to sit me down in front of films like My Girl, Marley and Me or The Notebook make sure you come prepared with a box of tissues because otherwise guess who will involuntarily become my sponge for the night, yep YOU! However, the one film that gets to most people is Titanic. The emotion filled movie is too hard to resist and before you know it you’re fighting to see through your blurry and tear filled eyes as you scream at the screen “NEVER LET GO!!….OH MY GOD THE BITCH ACTUALLY LET GO!!”


The Blubberer
No one likes goodbyes but at some point in life they become inevitable. As some of you may know, I will be moving away for college in September so as you can imagine I am dreading saying goodbye to my family and friends but not just because I’ll miss them but because there will be tears, lots and lots of tears. While goodbyes are often difficult to deal with, greeting your loved one once they return can be equally emotional so on either occasions you will find numerous families baling their eyes out as they bid a fair well or greet their loved ones – the airport can be an emotional place to be especially around Christmas time.

say bye

So which one are you? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Criers

  1. Good post. I am definitely of the variety with events (e.g. life cycle events) and travel-based–certainly obtained from my Mom’s side of the family. And yes, I am a man, but there is nothing unmanly about crying.

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way!

    • Thank you 🙂
      Certainly nothing unmanly about crying, it’s good for a man to show a sensitive side! I’m the one who cries when leaving home alright ha

      No problem, you’ve some interesting and excellent posts and I look forward to reading more of them. Thanks for following mine also 🙂

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