Mac Munchin’ Monday Week #2 Brown Bread

Week two already! This week I aimed for the more basic baked goods like brown bread and scones but today I’m just going to focus on the reliable brown bread. If, like me, you’re not a great baker/cooker then brown bread is definitely the recipe for you. Brown bread is not only pretty simple and straight forward to make, even for the likes of me, it can also be used over a period of a few days and can even be stored in the freezer to use later on in the week.


150g White flour

150g Wholemeal flour

50g Margarine

1 egg

25g Castor sugar

25g Bran

25g Wheat germ

350ml Buttermilk

1 tsp Bread soda


  • While an hour is the recommended cooking time, do keep an eye on your bread every now and again because depending on your oven it may not take the full hour as mine only needed 30-40 minutes.
  • Make sure there are no folds in the greaseproof paper within the tin as it may fold into the mixture and cause sections of the loaf to fall apart…lesson learnt!
  • Invest in skewers! They’re mainly used during BBQ’s but I find them great for testing whether the ingredients have cooked properly or not. I’m sure you true bakers will have the appropriate cooking utensils but for now I’m sticking with my BBQ skewers. 🙂



1. Grease a bread loaf tin with margarine and cover in greaseproof paper.

WP_20140706_001[1]2. Sieve the white flour, bread soda and wholemeal flour into a bowel.


3. Rub in the margarine until it looks like breadcrumbs (my least favourite part).


4. I didn’t use bran or wheat germ as I merely used what I had in my kitchen but it tastes just as good without them I promise! Anyway… this is where I should have added in the bran, wheat germ and sugar.

5. Next mix in your egg and 350ml of buttermilk into the bowel.


6. Pour the mixture into the tin and finally put it into the oven for about an hour.



See, simple and quick in 6 easy steps.



Now for the washing up… enjoy!


P.S Make sure to tune in next week when I’ll reveal my recipe for mini scones 😉

Mac x


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