To whom it may concern: Brandy the Bed

The word furniture was the first of many words to jump out at me on page 29 of a book called Rosebush. I brainstormed a little and decided to write a letter to my favourite piece of furniture in the house. Like many people, I chose my bed who I have named Brandy for the purpose of this post.



Dear Brandy,

Thank you for always supporting me, even when I filled you with germs, jumped on you and spilled make-up all over you.

I probably don’t take care of you as much as I should, and for that I am sorry. I must admit, I rarely dress you up and make you look pretty despite the endless amount of accessories I’ve bought for you over the years. Sunlight is also not something you’re used to but things are going to change, I promise. Starting tomorrow morning you will glow as the outdoor light hits off of your silky face reminding me why I’ve been so fond of you all these years.


Brandy, you’ve kept me warm when I was cold, kept me safe from thunder storms and you will always remind me of home. If I was bored, sick, had people over or simply couldn’t sleep you had my back, literally. And as I sit on you writing this letter I realise just how soft and comfortable you really are so thank you, thank you for everything.

No other bed could compare to you…FACT!


Mac x




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