Yum Yum in my Tum Tum


You can change it up any way you like, whether it be raisins, jam, honey or spices, rice pudding is extremely interchangeable to suit your taste buds. Me, I prefer my bowl filled with hot creamy rice with a dollop of oozing jam sitting on top ready for me to dig into.

Rice pudding became my Sunday/Birthday/Christmas treat, any excuse to have it. Travelling along the narrow roads with trees caving in above was the typical view on the way to nanas house. Yet, the sight of a boiling pot filled to the brim with heavenly rice pudding was the best view of them all. To this day I can visualise my nana standing over the hot stove, testing the texture of the rice as she went along with her wooden spoon and the scent of steamy pudding filling the kitchen air before we sit down at the table with her smile filling her face at my little legs swinging under the table with satisfaction. As the only member of my family, besides my nana, who enjoyed the traditional dish she was more than delighted to make it for me at every opportunity.

My “special treat” she liked to call it.

Now, as an adult, I love nothing more than to make this traditional family dessert. So rich yet so simple. Since her passing, hot rice pudding brings great comfort to me as I know that a part of her is with me each time I make the creamy celebration.

All this talk has made me hungry, I might go make some right now and re-live some much loved memories.


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