Birthday Hesitations

So I’m turning 21 this week and I don’t know what to make of it. I’m not a birthday lover, well not when it’s MY birthday anyway. When I turned 20 I wished I could remain an innocent teenager because let’s face it fewer people expect you to be responsible at that age. But once you hit the big   2   0  , it’s like you’re instantly supposed to have your life figured out, have a job, drive a car and have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I couldn’t be further from figured out if I tried! Don’t get me wrong, I do my best to grow up and discover what I love to do, get a job and learn to drive but I feel like there’s some sort of checklist and everything must be done so quick that you hardly even notice you’re doing these tasks.

Anyway… back to the birthday… I do love socialising with friends and celebrating their big nights but when it comes to me being the hostess with the mostess I’m not exactly keen. I hate being the centre of attention you see. However, as it is my 21st birthday I would like to celebrate it in some way but even the thought of trying to organise a simple get together with my friends puts me into over-thinking mode. The amount of things going through my mind- where to go, who to invite, will they turn up? What will I wear? Will it be good or a complete bore-fest? I will admit, I’ve had some disastrous parties which is why I dread the mere thought of organising another.

If I could get all dressed up, have a night out on the town with my besties and avoid any happy birthday sing-a-longs I would be a very happy girl!

I’ll keep ye posted on how it goes, happy blogging 🙂


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