Owner vs. Pet

Pet owners will do anything for their babies (or pets in other words). Even though they might have four legs, scales, paws, whiskers, tails, etc. they are essentially a part of the family and might as well be your biological child. I honestly think the majority of pet owners have a similar bond with their pets to that of a parent and baby. I would do anything for my cat, I have gone to the end of the earth and back when she has become ill, play games with her, cuddle and even let her boss me around. Is this crazy? Some might say yes but real pet lovers will completely disagree.

cat spoiled

We alter our lives in order for our fur balls to fit in, I don’t know about ye’re pet lifestyle but my cat Milly without a doubt rules the house. Now I’m not great with kids, we just don’t seem to get on so when my friends see me interacting with my cat they’re shocked that I can love something the same way a parent loves their child.
Milly has her own, well, everything! She has an endless amount of cat beds yet they’re simply not acceptable so she takes control over one specific chair, until next week when she’ll take over the couch or something. At Christmas my mom, sister and I each bought snuggies and Milly stole and covered each and every one of them in black fur at one stage or another so like the weaklings that we are we bought Milly her own one. Now since she loved ours soooo much you would think that having her own personal snuggie would be a dream come true as she wouldn’t be removed from it every five minutes and could sleep in peace. But no, she continues to sneak into my room and claim my comfortable warm rug. She definitely reminds me of a younger sibling who wants everything the older ones have.


The spoiling of my lovely kitty will continue forever though, there’s no getting around it now. At 13 years of age she has each one of us wrapped around her little paw and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way because I think it conveys our bond with her, she really is like the baby of the family. So while my title is owner vs. pet, there really isn’t any competition because let’s face it the pet wins hands down each time.

We don’t own them, they own us.

cute dog


2 thoughts on “Owner vs. Pet

  1. Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean! It’s the same with me and my dog. She rules the house as well and we regularly adapt our lives to make sure that everything is according ‘to her wishes’ 😉

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