A shy Character

Without people around me, it’s likely that I wouldn’t have much to say. Both the positive and negative individuals in my life are inevitably behind the sudden boots of inspiration I get from time to time. If something bothers me, I write. Somebody uses hurtful words, I scribble them down. I receive good news or someone makes me smile, I share it with the world. No matter what way I look at it, these people are responsible for probably 99% of what I write on a daily basis.
So far in 2014 I’ve been fortunate enough to have met so many unique characters but to choose one specific person to discuss here is tough as it’s definitely been my year for meeting new people.

It all kicked off with a new college year with stranger’s heads floating around the busy building. I recognised Ryan’s pale face shuffling through the dull corridors from the year prior to our meeting but never knew anything about his persona. After being thrown into the same classes together I began to take notice of certain quirks he possessed. There was this lovable awkwardness about him. So shy yet he smelled of a need to please people. With nervous eyes pointing at the floor and unwelcoming body language I decided to sit with him in class one day, and never looked back.

Sometimes all people need is a bit of encouragement to come out of their shell. Poor Ryan wasn’t normally shy, he was just nervous about new people but once I started interacting with him I was so glad I did. Naturally funny, you’re instantly put at ease as he doesn’t like silence so will go the extra mile to maintain your attention and entertain you. I found him so cute in his awkward bubble that all I wanted to do was reach out and hug him and tell him it’s ok no one will hurt you. He may be afraid to speak his mind but deep down is a comical genius, he knows exactly how to get the crowd going all the while having his eyes glued to the floor at the same time.

The people who feature in our ordinary everyday lives influence our moods whether or not we realise it. I soon figured out who exactly to go to when I needed cheering up or just to have a little giggle. Ryan was the man to go to. No drama, just pure entertainment and fun, that was Ryan.
So remember guys and girls, just because someone isn’t giving off the best vibe in the world doesn’t mean that they are not a great individual. It doesn’t mean you have nothing in common or that you’ll dislike them as a person, it just means they need a little help with fitting in. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we don’t know anybody, feel nervous and just wish you could find the courage to go talk to a stranger, I know I have!

Never judge a book by its cover, embrace it and take on the challenge by looking skin deep.


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