Accessibility to radio has changed

Without a doubt the accessibility to radio is changing both digitally and socially. Due to the explosion of digital and social media technologies, we are provided with an endless amount of ways to receive information that was not available to us before. Therefore, our expectations of ways to access this information are rapidly changing. It could be said that social media is slowly killing the radio industry as it is becoming more music driven, causing radio to be vulnerable to social media.

The days of merely switching on FM transmitters are gone as radio can be accessed from a variety of platforms nowadays, for example DAB, internet, car radios and apps. DAB is an opportunity to expand the radio platform in the digital age. However, Ireland has made little effort to join the digital conversion to DAB radio. Due to its limitations, it’s difficult to develop it as a future platform which is why internet radio is playing such a huge part within the industry at the moment.

The internet has become a way of life, we can access information about radio jobs and connect with others in a similar profession around the world. Internet radio has no boundaries as to how far it can transmit because it isn’t running through the airwaves. Internet radio is unlimited, it can travel wherever there is an internet connection so users can listen from home or in the car on apps like Pandora or Spotify from anywhere in the world. This is quite effective as there is no dealing with static or frequency loss.

In the future, radio will only become more accessible whether it be through entertainment consoles like DAB, the internet, car radios or apps no one knows. Radio’s future is uncertain during the digital era but the switch to digital broadcasting will only happen when we are completely ready for it.



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