Why are People Obsessed with Reality TV?

Has society become obsessed with reality TV shows like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore? I think you’ll find it has! I watched a ‘show’ called Ex on the Beach the other night with my friend and my God it’s hysterically bad! This is what I gathered from watching it: there’s a group of men and women who have all gone out with each other at some point, every now and again another ex walks out of the water and onto the beach in a very dramatic style, giving flashbacks to jaws or something. Over tanned girls are then sunning themselves on deck chairs waiting to find out whose ex it is. They freak out, start crying, shouting and worrying about who it’s going to be. When he eventually gets out of the water after what feels like an eternity he’s verbally abused by not only his ex but her friends too. Then what I guess is supposed to be the twist of the show, one of the friends goes out with the ex, what a surprise…not!

Despite how rubbish it was, we didn’t change the channel… We watched ALL of it! Why would I torture myself like this you may ask? I honestly don’t have a clue! I guess we were enjoying taking the piss out of the cast and its stupidity but if this had come on my screen a few years ago I would have instantly switched over but now with this reality star bonanza I must admit they are pretty addictive. You want an insight into these people’s lives, you need to know what they’re doing and who’s going to throw the next tantrum.

ImageI don’t think that we should take a leaf out of their book though, I mean when I look around town and see both girls and guys aspiring to look like their favourite reality star it makes me wonder about how they used to look before they layered the fake tan on, drew on thick black eyebrows and even developed a new lingo. TOWIE fans say things like ‘reem’ and wear watches on their ankles like Joey Essex but why? Why can’t you just watch the show and not dress and act like him? You’re not going to see me baked in tan with frizzy back combed hair and eyebrows twice the size of my originals any time soon because that would just look ridiculous!


We need to get back to reality programmes that aren’t staged, the Osbournes were one of the first to invite the cameras into their home for a glimpse at their lives. It was dramatic yet entertaining and funny but reality TV has definitely taken a weird turn to say the least with shows like Made in Chelsea which is blatantly staged and not even slightly entertaining. It’s either time to move on from these pathetic attempts at reality or simply make massive improvements to bring the cast out of hiding and not be afraid of what people will think of them-with the Osbournes what you see is what you get and people like that! They are highly respected celebrities and have actually worked hard to get to where they are in life now unlike other stars who depend on their looks to get them to where they are today.



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