A Room with a View

I often see photos, birthday cards and posters where the night life of major cities around the world have been captured for me, as a consumer, to enjoy. Although, when it comes to places that I have yet to visit like New York for example I do begin to wonder whether the images before me speak the truth. Naturally, I am sceptical of its beauty. One day I will go to New York but will it live up to my expectations after admiring these shots of the city for so long? Photographs can be quite misleading at times which is rather unfortunate but that’s how the world seems to run these days … on Photoshop.


Yet a city that I have been lucky enough to visit is Paris, ‘The City of Love’. Paris is such an amazing place whether or not you’re a tourist  because there is no place quite like it, well in my opinion anyway. It’s filled with beautiful lights, monuments and not to mention how attractive that accent can be! I’ve been there a couple of times and I must say, Paris is almost Disney-like. Once the darkness hits, it starts to glow and is simply irresistible, especially to tourists as monuments like Notre Dame, Champs Elysees and The Eiffel Tower come alive at night. You don’t forget a vision like The Eiffel Tower in particular as I still remember walking up to it in awe, I never saw anything like it before.


Ever since that unforgettable moment, I have dreamt of living in a spacious penthouse apartment surrounded by tall glass windows looking out onto the lighting tower shining back at me. What a sight to see first thing in the morning and last thing at night! I don’t imagine the excitement would ever fade merely because of how gorgeous it is, there are definitely not enough words in the dictionary to describe its beauty. In my mind, this French plan of mine is perfection. However, a room is simply four walls until you look at what it has to offer you. In my vision, I look down at the locals from above who are drinking coffee from huge cups in cafes or walking along the avenues blissfully unaware that they are completing my picturesque view as I say to myself “it doesn’t get much better than this”. Even during the day time there is nothing even remotely ordinary about the City of Love, it’s as equally mesmerising in the light as it is in the dark and I can’t get enough of it. I feel like this is the best view anybody could ask for, and it’s all mine. Suddenly the view focuses in on one specific person. A man you may ask? No, not this time. There’s a young woman, dressed smart and on her way to work it would seem. At this moment I forget about the overall view of the city and focus in on what the people of Paris have to offer me. While they partly make up ‘a room with a view’, I discover they also have the potential to corrupt my currently immaculate outlook on Paris.

While the views of Paris continue to lure me in to its world of fairy dust, my room with a view is merely a dream, a dream that is currently unrealistic. Soon I will wake up and it will be non-existent. As I slowly open my eyes the sun begins to set over the horizon before the night life arises once again, bringing the sparkles of The Eiffel Tower back into my big green eyes.

Next, I prepare for the day ahead until the time has come where I can fantasize about my room with a view yet again.



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