Writing for 15 minutes Day 3

OK, I have no idea what to write about so I’m just going to blab on and see what comes out. So I’m just sitting against the wall in my bedroom on my bed staring at the screen hoping for some inspiration which has lead to me daydreaming and looking around my room to see what would catch my eye, if anything at all. In front of me is my piano, some college books and a basket filled to the top with handbags. Why the hell do I have so many? I’d say I literally use about 3 out of about 25 bags but will I throw them out? Of course not! That would be far too logical! Instead I buy more and more bags as time goes on, squashing them all into this little basket of mine.


My bag collection has caused me to take a mental tour around the rest of my room and I now realise that I don’t tend to throw a whole lot out, ever. There’s clutter everywhere with things I rarely use and don’t even need but like with the bags I keep it all with the belief that I might need them some day. Yet at the back of my mind I know full well that half of it is useless. You might be wondering where I’m going with this but I genuinely don’t know either because I’m just rambling for 15 minutes for the challenge which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I clearly love to shop and hold onto my purchases for as long as possible but what is the point? I can almost guarantee if you took out half the stuff in my room I wouldn’t even notice they were gone.

However, also before my eyes is a wall covered in photographs, photos that highlight the good times in my life. I see the faces of past and present friends, family occasions and many moments that only a camera could capture. In the middle of the collage sits a picture of four 12 year old girls off to their first disco wearing lots of denim, no make-up and not the best hairstyles, what were we thinking?! Apparently we didn’t know how to use a hair straightener properly or have any fashion sense as we are covered in denim from head to toe. From this image alone I can see how much both I and my friends have changed over the years and thank God we have even though I love that photo for so many reasons. I continue on down through the wall of memories to a group of 20 year olds at a party where it’s clear the once clan of four girls picked up a few new friends along the way. We’re so happy, no drama, no fighting, just friends.

Time’s up 🙂 


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