Life never stays the same

Everybody goes through similar stages in life like starting school and college, relationships, making new friends and finding a job but life passes us by so quickly that we rarely stop and think about all that we’ve been through in our lives. I must say that the constant technology advances don’t help with this as we are so preoccupied with what’s going on in everyone else’s lives that we often forget about our own. Nowadays we can’t even go to the local shop without seeing someone with their head in their phone trying desperately to find to the nearest Wi-Fi connection or blocking out their surroundings by listening to music rather than talking to the group of people they are with at the time. Without a doubt, we should be embracing life and taking it all in each and every single day as there’s no way to know how long we have left in life. We should be taking advantage and living life to the full but unfortunately only a minority of people actually do this.


I recently decided to join the minority and I sat back and thought about the direction my life is going in which isn’t really something I’ve ever done before to be honest. My life has changed so much in the last two years alone and it took me until now to realise just how much I’ve grown as a person and how I’ve adapted to the world around me. I’m not the type of person who likes change and I’m very much set in my own routine, I like my old group of friends and I like to do the same things I’ve always done. How boring, right? Well little did I know that this familiarity would go straight out the window once I finished secondary school. As a naïve 18 year old girl I was under the impression that I would remain close with the friends I’ve had since I was five and that we’d see each other all of the time but this didn’t happen. Naturally, this took some time to get used to but I soon made new friends and realised that I could keep my old friends by making a little bit of effort even if I only saw them on the bus on the way to college every morning.


Of course it’s tough adjusting to a new life at any age but especially a young age when what you may be used to is living at home and being looked after by your parents, I know everyone goes through it but not everybody comes out at the other side. I know a lot of people who couldn’t cope with the sudden changes in their lives and made the choice to stay exactly where they are and settle for a less than satisfying life rather than fight for the one they deserved or had the potential to have. Settling will only make us miserable in the long run which is why we should embrace what life has to offer us, live in the moment and tackle these scary changes head on and make the most of it, because let’s face it the opportunity may not come around again.



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