Boys come and go but friends SHOULD be forever!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of going into a room where we know absolutely nobody and as we get older facing new people becomes more difficult. As children, we’re fearless and talk to anybody whether or not they’d listen to us but the older we get the more we dread walking into a room full of strangers. Yet remembering the day we met our best friend shows that getting to know new people is worthwhile. Most of us remember the day we met our best friend, for me it was day 1 of primary school and from then on we were inseparable! We did everything and went everywhere together, always paired off when the dreaded PE class came around, always sat next to each other on the bus for trips and most importantly I always told Fiona (Fi) everything and vice versa. Growing up together made life so much easier for us both, we had been through a lot throughout the years both together and separately but we were always there for each other no matter what, which is the job description of a best friend.


We had this bond for nearly 15 years until one day I’m replaced by a GUY! I’d seen this happen so many times to other people but I never imagined it happening to me. Jack had been after Fi for years but she never showed any signs of interest and went off with other guys like everyone else. Now before they got together I had become pretty good friends with Jack as I noticed that a lot of the guys don’t feel comfortable confiding in their friends so I had become someone that he trusted with things he couldn’t tell the other lads. To be honest I think this bothered Fi, even though she had nothing to worry about because I had a boyfriend myself at the time but this is where the sneakiness began. Our trust was gone at this point, it was all very sudden and confusing as it took me a while to discover to truth about why she was being distant. Don’t get me wrong, naturally I tried to sort things out as I naively thought that she was afraid to tell me as she hates confrontation so I gave her some space and after a while I tried to make her see that I was there for her. As I’m sure you can tell that didn’t work out so well.


None of my other friends ever really understood why I was so upset about what had happened as they all thought I was simply jealous of her new found relationship which of course wasn’t the case! It wasn’t about the fact that her and Jack had gotten together it was that the friendship I had once known was suddenly thrown away. No more chats on the phone and no more girlie nights out, all that was left was this back stabbing feeling. Why do people do this? Us girls need to stick together and not let boyfriends come between us! I mean who has been around longer? Yes, that’s right, your best friend! Who has been there when your nan and granddad died, when you had boy troubles and when you didn’t know what to wear?!? But hey if friends are that easy to replace I sure hope she doesn’t come running back if they break up because I won’t ever forget how little our friendship meant to her.


So girls if you’re reading this, don’t do what Fiona did to me! Respect your friends and keep them close. By all means get a boyfriend and be close with him but don’t stab your friend in the back just because you have somebody new in your life doesn’t mean that he’ll always stick around whereas us girls always stand by each other…well we should!



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